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HippoCampus is situated in the Netherlands, less than two hours away from Brussels and Cologne. It is specialized in small scale riding for people with or without mental or physical disabilities and psychotherapy with horses. HippoCampus also offers expertise on the initiation and development of therapeutic riding and horsemanship in health- and educational organizations. HippoCampus organizes workshops and clinics for riders to acquire self-experience and to improve motor skills and communication with the horse. Dressage training is based on psychomotor techniques, therapeutic riding and natural horsemanship.

Further, HippoCampus promotes cooperation with a happy horse who likes his work and to work with people. This also implies that the horses can live according to their natural needs.

We strictly comply with the guidelines of the German and Austrian Kuratorium fur Therapeutisches Reiten, and are also a member of the Federation of Riding for the Disabled International.

The rest of this site is currently only in Dutch; English and German translations will follow but are unscheduled.

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December 26: reduced bandwidth

December 16: Added site search and message board below; Address change notification in "Routebeschrijving"

December 6 2000: Actual programme

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